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Music Ministry

Welcome to David Memorial Baptist Church Home Page for
our Music Ministry
You are invited to join the David Memorial Baptist Church Music Ministry. Come join our choir in making a joyful noise to the Lord.
Adult Choir Practice (All Ages)
Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm in the Sanctuary
Wednesday Evenings in the choir room at 6:00 pm
Director of Music/Worship Leader:
Janine Henderson
The Adult Choir learns various types of music from 
traditional hymns, Southern Gospel, Contemporary and 
Praise and Worship 

I want you to meet our new music director, (Worship Leader) Janine Thrift Henderson. She comes to us with a lot of excitement and a background in music. She has sung in and has lead praise and worship bands. She has the love for God and loves to sing to Him.

Janine wants to help us by coaching and leading our congregation to be worshipers. Janine wants individuals to feel that they are welcome in the choir and there is room for individuals to sing solos too. She wants to help arrange our voices where we are praising God as a church. She wants to teach, not only during practice times but during worship as well.

As a Worship Leader, there’s more to worship than songs, band dynamics and flow. She is there not only to help you learn new songs, she is there to help lead you in worshiping God. The worship leader is multitalented and runs a tight ship. But slow down... this is more important than you may realize.

As David Memorial Baptist Church we don’t want to foster an audience of spectators or a fan club of consumers. We don’t want to merely entertain people every weekend. That isn’t the ministry God has called us to. We want to help teach our members and visitors how to worship God in music. Our members, visitors and new converts need to step into the discipline of praise and lifting up their voices, declaring the promises of God.

We all have a voice but many don’t know how to use it and that’s how the role of the Worship Leader comes into play. Janine wants to raise up worshipers—to create an environment where our voice isn’t central, but is a unified, raised voice of God’s people. Janine wants to lead in such a way that God is our focus as we sings songs of praise to Him.

Worship is form of warfare against Satan and his demons. We have to understand the enemy. The devil and his demons are shaking in fear when a leader gives a voice to everyone in the room. There’s tremendous power in that. Nothing can stop a worshiping church. No trial, no hardship, no tribulation, no pain. The sound of worship will rise throughout eternity.

Hopefully the church will always have new people in the congregation who have not experienced worship. They may not raise their hands. They may not sing. But our goal at David Memorial Baptist Church is to help move them from spectator to worshiper. Why? Because we know and have tasted the life-changing power of worship and that’s what we want our congregation to experience.

In the near future I have a sermon planned on this subject to help us all to be better worshipers. Our goal is to have the congregation engage in each song and become part of the Worship experience.

Please consider coming and help us to worship God in song. Janine would love to meet you and if needed help you learn to worship God through music.

Additionally, we are looking for someone to play the piano, guitar, and hopefully add other instruments as God opens the doors and helps us to create a Praise and Worship choir.

David Memorial Baptist Church
2533 Country Club Road
Lincolnton, NC

Any questions please call Pastor Mike 980 429 5937.

Also don't forget about the Carman Legacy Tour Concert coming to David Memorial Baptist Church on March 15th, we hope to see you there.

At this time we are building both our youth and children choirs and we hope to have both groups up and running by spring time of 2019

Youth Choir - stay tune for updates 

Children Choir - stay tune for updates
More information coming in the next few weeks -
please check back on a regular basis for updates or call
Pastor Mike 980-429-5937